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Property Management

Welcome to iCalyx Property Management

iCalyx Property Management is part of iCalyx Real Estate, an independent fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm in the state of Illinois. We have been in business since 2005, serving our clients throughout the Chicago area. As local residents since 1997, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help our clients understand the local market, identify value in acquiring investment properties, and helping them manage these properties. We help you to be real estate investors and enjoy the cash flow, wealth building and all the tax advantages that real estate investing offers instead of turning it into a full time job finding & managing tenants, collecting rent, responding to maintenance emergencies, dealing with all local authorities & regulations and all other headaches commonly associated with owning & managing rental properties.

Our Services

We provide full life-cycle services for real estate investors with an extremely competitive and customized pricing that will work for YOU! No two investors, their needs, risk appetite and portfolio is ever the same. We customize our proposals and reach agreement with you that serves your unique needs. We can work on flat fee pricing, on a % of rent collected pricing or a customized combination of the two. We can provide you à la carte pricing for some of the ancillary services or include it in a all inclusive pricing that might be better for your cash flow predictability.

Our focus is on Investor’s need of hands off worry free management with complete transparency with the goal to achieve maximum returns. We focus on tenant satisfaction during the stay in the rental unit with attention to their comfort to ensure long term tenants leading to maximum returns for out investors.

Investing in Real Estate with focus on long term hold of the property is daunting whether you are a full time investor or a part time landlord owning only a few units. iCalyx with its extensive experience in acquiring , rehabbing, renting, managing takes the anxiety out of the process.

We are very well versed in city licensing, inspections, code compliance and fees. We work with Home owner Association to make sure that the unit owner and tenant are both compliant of the bylaws. From unit maintenance, to rent collection, collecting fees for any HOA violations and keeping the records for easy tax filing iCalyx takes pride in helping Investors maximize returns. We work hard to keep your business operating smoothly leaving you with time and bandwidth to expand.

With us as partners, you enjoy

  • All the wealth building that real estate offers
  • Service completely customized to your specific needs
  • Complete feedback (or as much as you want) about property financials, maintenance & compliance with local laws

While we provide you

  • Acquisition services: Identification of areas with maximum rent yield, and properties that are available for acquisition; we also continue to scour the market to identify acquisition targets that match your goals and risk profile
  • Market your property for rent through MLS, property signs and all available online services
  • Screen your tenants thoroughly: Credit & background check, employment verification. We understand that a credit report is much more than just the credit score. It tells a story that cannot be summarized in just the score. For example, generally, people with a past foreclosure but with no other overdue accounts and a stable job make excellent long term tenants. And they might have a lower credit score than people with a history of chronic late payments; they continue their habit with rent checks, and are to be avoided
  • Complete accounting with owner portal so you are always up-to-date about property financials
  • Respond to maintenance requests, and use contractors & handymen that we have worked with for a long time, and know the quality of their work for a price lower than retail prices
  • Respond to all your queries promptly, be it over phone / email / texts